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News 26.02.2013

On Sunday Ngapali Beach Movie 3.3.2013 – 13:30 ARD KIKA TV

Do not miss the Euro wide Movie on two friends coming Sunday 3.3.2013 at German State TV – on Ngapali // Yangon // Delta River Villages

3.3.2013 Laguna / Ngapali Beach at German ARD/ZDF KIKA TV.

Please see on coming Sunday 3.3.2013 at 13:30 pm ARD/ZDF KIKA TV "Schau in meine Welt " Giacomo & San Myo Htay 2 Freunde in Myanmar ( Yangon // Ngapali Beach Rakhine // Delta - Twante ) . 

Wish you a good day and thanks for the great support,—keeping in mind the many which did not get a room at last moment,—as well working on all your suggestions to implement direct and soon, to make Laguna Lodge – ECO Hotel Ngapali even more liked by you and your friends, thank you all for these.

Oliver, Jochen, Cho Cho, Htwe Min Soe, Ma Than Kyi and Laguna Lodge Family - Ngapali Beach Front 26.3.2012  Ngapali, Rhakine State

Dear friends, dear guests,

Sorry for inconvenient through a not always stable Internet in rural areas. As well daily very busy at Lillis Bar and Ollis Seafood Restaurant under Ngapali Stars.

Laguna Lodge Ngapali is most time top booked and flights to Ngapali are often waitlisted as so many nice people come and visit veautiful - peaceful Ngapali Beach ....

We as Laguna Lodge Family welcome you also when you not stay with us come for a Sun Set Cocktail at the best spot - " Lillis Bar " and call for "Jochen, 043 42 312 " Yangon 01 501123 / 09 513 8411.

Check the daily updates on Facebook Laguna Lodge , also on the all Myanmar situation.

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With many greetings we wish you a happy and peaceful Holiday and great to me you at Ngapali Beach Front
Oliver E Soe Thet
Laguna Lodge - Yangon / Ngapali 12.11.2012 


Dear Friends of holiday with the Myanmar people,

good news for beachlovers and people which love nature and to escape the usual Tourism villages,- at Ngapali Beach Front – Laguna Lodge ECO Hotel Rakhine State in Myanmar you are at the right place.

You will own the beach, you will love it, direct over looking the Bay of Bengale. Please read also below:

-the autumn news 2012

-flight news

-our philosohie

Autumn News 2012

Dear valuable Guest to Myanmar,

Many greetings from Laguna Lodge - Ngapali Beach Front, Myanmar.

We travel between Ngapali and Yangon very busy and not all the time connected with Internet,-- so there could be that answers come slow but are recorded. Pls send all mails to,mm and copy to - thank you for understanding.

As in the past weeks the demand was so high for Laguna Lodge bookings in Ngapali as well online reservations, we are a bit behind and like to ask you if your booking to Laguna Lodge is sure, which room and if you are committed to Pre Payment - gaining 10 % Discount on the same way.

We are happy that you plan to visit Myanmar and the Myanmar people, the support to Myanmar this year is overwelming and near to fully booked at several places. Most places are full through "Block Bookings" from bigger tour operators and agents which at the end do not all materialize for different reason. That applies to Hotels, Flights and all other Tourism services in Myanmar.

We at Laguna Lodge do not like to support this block booking system,-- also in fairness to the Myanmar Staff, knowing sure which earning they will nhave next to the usual salary through Bonus by good business.

But also to give the Guests which like really to come to Ngapali Beach and possible Laguna Lodge - ECO Resort at beach Front to give them the biggest and most early chance to confirm fcrom us and them both sides sure........

So we like to ensure this through pre payment commitment and the system works very well. Again we like to ask you if your booking to Laguna Lodge is sure, which room and if you are committed to Pre Payment - gaining 10 % Discount on the same way.

For a soon info answer wer are happy we will keep your booking otherwise for some more days ( 16.10.2012 ) and would than transfer the room to a wait listed guest request, if we do not hear from you.

We hope that you understand us in the best interest for the guests which are sure to come.

If you have a special reason so you are not able to commit at present,---- please let us also know about as we are happy to consider than an extension for your convenience....
Oliver E Soe Thet & Laguna Lodge Family
Ngapali Beach Front 8.10.2012 

Flight News:

Angel Tours Co Ltd - Myanmar Flight rates with Air Mandalay, Air Mandalay the only Airline with EASA Certification - modern French ART 42 / 72 planes .

We Laguna lodge - ECO Hotel usually not do flight Ticketing, but for our guests to make travel more easy with
reservations , confirmations in Yangon and Ngapali Beach, we like to offer a service of seat reservation and ticketing to our Ngapali Beach Front guests.

For flight bookings we need your:

- all full names

- all passport numbers

- your Yangon ( Mandalay ) Hotel at arrival to Myanmar

- Flight date and Airline number

Airline Tickets are than in Yangon cash paid and handed over to you when arrive in Myanmar.

Contact phone: 01 501123 / 09 513 8411 ( Ngapali 043 42 312 ).

Latest Domestic Airline Rates, based on Air Mandalay, stand 1.10.2012 until further notice.

Each Person and Sector,- 1000 Kyat need to be added for Domestic Airport Tax.

Yangon - Ngapali Beach (Thandwe Airport) - 98 $ US

Sittwe - Ngapali Beach (Thandwe Airport) - 98 $ US
Yangon - Sittwe - 135 $ US

Yangon - Mandalay - 125 $ US
Yangon - Bagan (Nyaung Oo) - 120 $ US
Yangon - Heho (Inle Lake) - 120 $ US
Yangon - Nay Pyi Taw (Capital Myanmar) - 115 $ US

Bagan (Nyaung Oo) - Heho (Inle Lake) - 82 $ US
Bagan (Nyaung Oo) - Mandalay - 65 $ US
Bagan (Nyaung Oo) - Ngapali Beach - 140 $ US

Heho (Inle Lake) - Mandalay - 65 $ US
Heho (Inle Lake) - Ngapali Beach - 140 $ US

Mandalay - Taschilake - 146 $ US
Mandalay - Ngapali Beach - 145 $ US
Mandalay - Nay Pyi Taw (Capital Myanmar)- 67 $ US

Many greetings, these info are for Air Mandalay rates only and can change without special notice at this website,-- up todate info is needed through & copy to , yours

Oliver E Soe Thet
Consulting Manager
Laguna Lodge - ECO Resort
Ngapali Beach Front, 29.9.2012


" YES " - Good Laguna Lodge ECO NEWS, Ngapali Beach:

- YES - we will keep our room rates same low as for the past 10 years, so also in 2012 / 2013 season.

- YES - we are open 12 month s a year, also in the Green. Season from 1st June to 15th September.

- YES - Air Mandalay flied Yangon - Ngapali 12 month s a year.

- YES - we will give again up to 50 % discount at Green Season as 1st June to 15th September.

- YES - we will save you 10 % of holiday funds by pre-payment.

- YES - we do not charge a High Season surcharge rate.

- YES - we will have 4 more, quiet rooms with direct Beach View at our Palm Garden.

- YES - we have 24 hours Electricity by Ngapali Government ( small exceptions for short time ).

- YES - We will also increase our Solar Electricity use; for Tourists "CO2 footprint reduction at Ngapali Beach".

- YES - we will increase & continue our community based and supportive programs through tourism.

- YES - we will keep our Child Friendly & Family Style service.

- YES - we have many honey mooner at Laguna Lodge .

- YES - we are not a usual Hotel but like to be:"

Your Home at Beach Front . Yangon office 01 501123 / Ngapali 043 42 312 / Mobile 09 513 8411


Visit Myanmar Beaches - Summer Benefits at Laguna ECO Hotel:

- All bookings upgrade to Beach Front, if rooms are vacant .

- Upgrade to upper room: “first confirm - first get”.

- Inclusive all taxes and service charges .

- No extra charges on double, triple and extra bed.

- Myanmar Traditional style shower in western style bathroom.

- Daily assorted teas at your room.

- Welcome Drink. - Fresh Fruit at your room.

- Fresh Coconut & Juice in season.

Thanks & message to our anual and future guests:

 ".... we as everyone else got totally overwhelmed by the very big increase of tourists to Myanmar so also Ngapali Beach. We are very happy that we could help so many of our Laguna guests to arrange flights and hotels upcountry through our over 16 years friendship network within the Myanmar young tourism industry...;

At same time we experienced a very much increase and support to our social - aid - educational as well medical fields in Myanmar at different parts of the country ;
- Ayeyarwaddy Delta - Northern & Central Rakhine - Bago Division - Magway Dry Zone - Yangon outskirts -

This combined with the very popular increase of bookings at Laguna Lodge ECO Hotel Ngapali Beach Front left me less time in Ngapali as usual, mainly getting fore and back as much as possible. The reason why I was less in Ngapali the past weeks; I did not want to neglegt the many people we started to support in Myanmar since many years on our private initiatives, as well with the strong support from many international friends.

 So,- many of you, to the less fortunated as well through an un expected event kicked out of their daily routine in Myanmar by cyclones Nargis, Giri etc. or Tatschilake earthquake, or just Dr Julias & Dr Axels dental public health education projects.

We will for sure continue and increase these works specially in medical fields as: ENT, Eye, Plastic Surgery, Dental, Orthopaedics and many more ( medical experts are invited to join ) but also in the edicational field with strong partners from Europe to build more schools in most rural and remote areas for an even better educated Myanmar young generation. Talking to many of our traditional long stay guests which come back every year for weeks - they all agree to continue this work.

So I am happy that we were able to get 95 % of all our jobs are done very well according to our guest commends,- for the 5 % which had different expectations and we might could not always meet them, I want to apologize and offer you to come back as we take your comments very serious and working to implement them now already and soon more.

Our Staff, " Myanmar Women in the upcomingTourism Industry”, would be happy to show you the improvements we and they made - let`s have a drink on us and give us the pleasure to stay firm in the traditional of Myanmar hospitality with the strong move to always further improve our services.

As many can read in forums, a modern international style Hotel as many at Ngapali we are not,-- we are a small family run " Home on the Beach ", a feeling we like to share with you - Are You Ready?"

 Oliver E Soe Thet

President Myanmar Chefs Association Board member, World Chefs Without Borders Angel Travel & Tours - Laguna Lodge ECO Resort Ngapali Beach Front,



  • Combine Ngapali Beach also with ancient Mrauk Oo through Sittwe by flight or Speed Boat. We also arrange highway bus transfers Yangon - Pyay - Ngapali or southern road.
  • Book through Angel Travels & Tours this special offer at Ngapali Beach, as well we provide all airline as well high way bus arrangemenst to Ngapali. Our strenghts are small guided and un guided tours through Myanmars ancient cities as Bagan or Maruk Oo, the romantic Inle Lake with its Intha people, Mandalay handicraft tours or the new southern tours through Golden Rock and Moullamine.

Dear Guests,

welcome to our Lodge, in western Myanmar, 1 Flight hour from Yangon, 10 Minutes from Ngapali Airport by shuttle.

You are really  welcome to enjoy this peaceful place, to relax, fine dining with our seafood-barbecue after a wonderful day on the beach or to have a drink, served by our top educated myanmar staff.

Take a journey through our `picture-garden´ below and don`t miss to make a contact to our office in germany, or direct in Myanmar, Oliver E. Soe Thet,  Tel.: 00951 501 123 . 

Nebensaison August 2010




  • , ,

    Tel.:  00 95 1 501123. Visa to Myanmar is easy to obtain at any Myanmar Embassy, usually between 3 to 5 days while having an Travel arrangement rcommend letter, as well usualy without.

  • We quick adopted to this very new situation with a sure great effect that more people in our organization have more jobs and more earnings for the positive development of their families. Of course it took us the a time of three months as everyone at the Myanmar Tourism season was very much " overrun " by theevents even that the 2010 / 2011 season already showed signs of an increase in tourism to Myanmar specially from USA and England which were: " verbally " not allowed to visit the people of Myanmar " before by their governments.

    Room Rates at Laguna Lodge:

    Normal Season

    15th September 2011 to 30th May 2013

    15th September 2012 to 30th May 2013

    Upper Beach Front 58 Euro

    Lower Brach Front 52 Euro

    Green Season

    1st June 2012 to 15th September 2012

    Upper Beach Front 30 Euro

    Lower Brach Front 25 Euro ( Upgrade to upper room if available by arrival, first come - first serve ) ( paid rooms are confirmed rooms ).