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Bago Delta: A real Tourism Treasure:

It is a most beautiful hidden Tourism Site, a place and a 1 hours long tail boat ride through a total remote delta region for nature lovers and bird watchers,- over 12 special bird species we noticed, big herds of water buffalo crossed the rivers and small channels, tens of thousands of ducks ( this part of the Delta the source for all Culinary Scene Ducklings of Myanmar ).

Floating through villages as the river is the highway, villages which did not change over decades, with the there so special way of fishing by big " Sink Nets ",- but only this time of the year, in a view month s it is again the " White Gold s Mining Place ",- when the fishermen / farmer cooking the salty soil and extract the white salt which remains every year from the flooding,- a good extra 600 $ US income to a farmers family.

- Traditional fishing -

But now a place where the boat is the life line of the people at all, at the beginning or ends of the villages small gates are there collecting the " City Tax " as in old times in Europe,- smallest Bamboo Huts have TV antennas a sign that people are well connected with the outside world, an experience which we also learnt after Nargis in many delta areas, that farmer or fishermen told us they knew about the cyclone Nargis coming but no one ever could imagination that it would have been so strong, so long and never this amount of two big water waves - the main cause of so many people missing.

- Monks are collecting food -

This is really a region worth wile to visit as individual traveler or small groups, a way of live which is long time gone in our regions already.

"... Myanmar,- a journey to the past,- in many ways, at most places, Myanmar - The Ancient Place in Asia... "

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Best Culinary regards and thanks to all supporters of the past and future, yours Oliver E Soe Thet President Myanmar Chefs Association WACS member,

Yangon 2.11.09 Union of Myanmar

- Journey by boat in Bago Delta -