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Dear Friends,
We have updated the news on the website. With LOG - MCA/WACS Aid news
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Thanks & Regards,
With best RGDS, yours
Oliver E Soe Thet
President Myanmar Chefs Association
World Chefs Without Borders - WACS
Yangon, 26.4.2010 Union of Myanmar

Dr. Heller (action myanmar), Mr. Müller-Neuendorf (MHWe.V.) and friends again on boat tour. 22.02.2010.

Free medical service in Irrawaddy Delta. 22.02.2010.


Myanmar recieves World Humanitarian Award for 2008/2009 at 34th WACS Congress 2010 of WACS  - Oliver E. Soe Thet, Myanmar

34th WACS Congress 2010 World Association of Chefs Societies
Santiago Chile, 24 - 28 January 2010

The Global WACS Humanitarian Award 2008/2009 was presented to Oliver Esser Soe Thet from the Myanmar Chefs Association, in recognition of his broad and impactful response benefitting so many less fortunate or the victim of natural disasters. The day after the terrible cyclone in May 2008 in Myanmar, together with the Myanmar Chefs Association contacted Gissur Gudmundsson to set out a plan to help. Within weeks the Myanmar Chefs Association under the umbrella of WACS distributed food and materials to the most isolated areas of the country, and cooked food for thousands of people every day.

Then the disaster in Haiti struck. Within 35 hours he contacted Gissur with an offer of 50 tons of baby food to combine efforts; within 48 hours he offered one million dollars of needed medical equipment. He is to be recognized for his compassion, action and impact. Chef Otto Wiebel accepted the award on his behalf in Chile.
Gissur Gudmundsson announces WACS humanitarian initiative Global “Chefs Without Borders”, lead by Oliver Esser Soe Thet. Gissur Gudmundsson, WACS President, announces WACS humanitarian initiative “Chefs Without Borders”.

To expand, coordinate and promote our humanitarian initiatives, WACS will be creating a new humanitarian committee chaired by Oliver Esser Soe Thet of Myanmar Chefs Association. You will be hearing more about this initiative and Gissur encourages everyone to actively participate.

- handmade boats -

- in traditional style -

- handcrafter -

-ready to flow - ready for new hope - new boats more for new experience...

Chefs at Delta Cruise & free fish, MCA/WACS International Chefs Day 2009 "

Very early we went up as the plan was big for that day, partly by bus and mostly by a Delta Cruise, MCA members and family went through
different areas of the Delta Rivers and joined into different activities of MCA for the 2009 International Chefs Day. Donate a Boat or Free the Fish in Myanmar at:   or  , for all and more information.

With us on board of course two of our main supporters, Mr Frank Franke of LOG and Dr med. Werner & Mallu Heller of Action Myanmar e.V. .

I cooked that night before a German Linsen Eintopf, got the smoked sausages for it from Dr Team of Interplast direct from Munich and had great Rey Bread and a Birthday Cake for a member on board.
We left the Yangon River into the Toe River and than Twante channel, passing many places where we had sent humanitarian aid over the past 18 months, where we built new houses, arranged Micro Credits with our Swiss Friends and brought several german & Myanmar medical teams direct after the cyclone hit,-- all possible through the good network of and within WACS.

I was the Chef , Smootje on Board and Mrs Tin Tin ( Myanmar Artist which does all our Mini Boats for all Donor ) joined us also on this very special and unique trip. William of Chatrium Hotel was with us and in Twante all other MCA members and supporters joind the " MCA - Delta Cruise ".


The higlight next to Boat hand overs in Dedaye and Gatan villages, the support at Kayin Kyaung Hospital or at Monastery and Mya Khan Thar village was the " MCA Free young Fish " project to support in a sustainable way our contribution to the Delta people of giving them Fishing Boats to make a living. 10.000 fish we had again on this day donated from all over the world as well by MCA members from Yangon. It was as usual a highlight for all, for buddhist specially as giving live is one of the best things to do, specially between the two fullmoons ofr October and November.

It is a trip which we plan already again, next date would be 22.02.2010 when we are with our partners from Singapore Airline - Germany, Agnes James and friends, MHW - Birma Braucht Uns, with Julia, Juergen & Regina Mueller Neuendorf & Wolfgang as well a bigger Drs group around Dr med Werner & Mallu Heller at this route for jet another set 30 - plus, fishing boats donation as well moer clothes and high nutrition child food from Milupa & LOG Germany direct to the people at this part of the Cyclone hit Delta.

Everyone which likes to donate further Fishing Boats or Free the Fish can contact direct to  or  , for all and more information.
With many culinary thanks and greetings, yours
Oliver E Soe Thet
MCA President Myanmar Chefs Association
WACS member, Yangon 26.10.09
Union of Myanmar

Delta Morning - Bilder von der Bootsübergabe an Fischerfamilien:   

Facts of MCA & Friends Nargis Aid Achievments:
- Ueber 9000 sack ( 432000 kg , ca 450 tonnen reis ) Reis nur durch den MCA. B1 reicher – halb geschälter staerkender Reis
- Ueber 450 traditionelle Häuser gebaut – Projekt geht weiter.
- 120 Schulstudenten das volle laufende und naechste Schuljahr finanziert Das Projekt läuft weiter
- 1.200 Schulbuecher verteilt
- 1.040 kg Kochsalz
- 1.080 vegetarische Mahlzeiten gekocht
- 300 Ltr Chlorine 3 % fuer Wasser aufbereitung
- 200 schwangere oder stillende Frauen mit zusatz B1 Vitaminen versorgt
- German & Myanmar med. Dr and Dental Teams in to Delta ( round 25 trips )

Vieles ermöglicht durch die vielen, auch ganz kleinen Barspenden ueber Action Myanmar e.V. " Nargis Konto ", Dr. Heller Düsseldorf & Interplast Muenchen & WACS (World Chefs Association)
Einige Groß-Spender:

AP Moller

Maersk Singapore

Wallem Shipping Group HK

Dr Abraham Reisen

Weitere Hilfen:
- 1 Delta Dispensary - Clinic Building

Dr med. Werner & Mallu Heller
- 2500 kg Kleider fuer Delta Menschen

Singapore Airline Germany
- 3000 kg Caned Food Supply ( Fish, Fruit, Rice, Water ) 

Nimmrich Shipping Germany 

- Ueber 4000 Kinder taeglich ein Glas Milupa Milch, noch 2 Monate 

Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen e.V. LOG
- 1000 kg Pasta

- Micropur waterclearing for Millions of Liter Water to Labutta/Myanmar

- Ueber 4000 Zahnbuersten & Zahnpaste

Klaus & Gudula Brunner

Dr Abraham

Dr Best

Julia & Axel

- 1 voller Container Gebaeck

Cppenrath Feingebackn Germany /LOG
- Über 230 Familien mit Micro Crediten, 20 $ US bis 1500 $ US zusammen ueber 48.000 $ US, versorgt

Toni & Lotti Steiner
- Ueber 300 Woll Decken

Deutsche Lepra Hilfe /LOG
- 16.000 Muetzen

Dr.Runge  / Saarbrücken
- Viele Kinder Patienten ( Burns, Cleft Lips & Palet, Hornia,
Broken Arm, Menigoncele, Total Face disformation )

German Interplast Muenchen

Action Myanmar e.V.

Mr. Hans
- Dental Mobile Unit - auch fuer Landesweiten gebrauch

Action Myanmar e.V.

Dr Fruehbuss
- Fuer 2,3 Millionen $ US Deutsche hochwertige medizin " MOBEC " an privat Kliniken und Ministry

Boehringer Ingelheim /LOG
- Ueber 200 Sport sets, Kleider und Schuhe

Adidas /LOG
- 7 mal 40 fuss Kontainer mit Food, Water, Hospital Equipment, Cookies, Sleeping Bags, Blankets, Toys, Balls,

- Ueber 160 Fischerboote ( 21 fuss lang ) mit Netzen

LOG e.V.

MHW e.V. 


Action Myanmar e.V.


Eintracht Frankfurt

MRG & viele Privatleute in Europa 
yours Oliver E Soe Thet President Myanmar Chefs Association WACS member,

LOG & MCA Medical Donation Pyapon Hospital 2009-01-16

Dear Friends,

This is the second medical donations report by Myanmar Chefs Association (the first report was from Professor Thein Myint Tun - Orthopaedic Surgeon in early December).

A large amount of money has been through LOG Germany and MCA MOBEC of Boehringer Ingelheim to:

- Pyapon General Hospital Orthopaedic section (Nargis Delta)

-Ngapali private dispensary, to Ma Aye Thida Soe & Alberto of Sandoway Resort 

- Professor Thu Ta (Mobec by LOG and a big amount of Psycho Medicine donated by Mrs Ute and Frank Mohr Germany)

- Professor Thein Myint Tun - Orthopaedic Surgeon  

Myanmar doctors have indicated a high demand for this medical drug which is used on for the patients’ treatment in the long run. It was a most generous donation through LOG Germany by Boehringer Ingelheim, as they donated over US$ 2.3 million to Myanmar people in the form of much needed Mobec drugs.

All Mobec drugs are good until late 2011 and this increases the value of the donation even more. Doctors can treat their regular patients for a long time as they will be sustained by the Aid Donation from Germany, through LOG Germany and Myanmar Chefs Association. Professor Thu Ta, together with Professor Thein Myint Tun will be treating patients at the Nargis Delta free of charge from the beginning in May. Professor Thu Ta will later send us an exact list of where and what was used, as well as what was handed to other Myanmar Drs which treat also patients free of charge outside of Yangon.

With best Regards, Oliver E Soe Thet President Myanmar Chefs Association WACS Member Yangon 9.1.09


- Hilfe für Entwicklungsländer e.V action myanmar - Jahresbericht 2008  

Boat Donation in Delta with many friends from Germany - February 2009

German Dentists work and help in Myanmar - February 2009

05 . of january 2009

We will be tomorrow direct again at the Delta with the MCA Team and Milupa / LOG Germany - 10 days stock arrangements for DAILY over 3300 children there, than a rest delivery of 200 kg clothes from Singapore Airlines - Agnes James - Germany. Mrs Inge Kuta , Assistant Movie Director of ZDF ( Traumschiff and Reise ins Glueck, Pilcher ) will be with us, after she was with us already at the Delta in Pyapon on 20.12.08 for the big LOG Germany Aid handover.

As all others which came with us or which we met the past weeks in Ngapali who had been at the Delta over the past weeks,- we excited how much and good progress there is made by all positive thinking partners on the ground.

Tomorrow Cooking the Milupa Bars with our Village Friends there again.

Having than this week all preparations to do of MCA history and Nargis Aid for the ATF 09 - ASEAN Tourism Forum of ASEAN Ministers in Vietnam on the 8.1.09. A very good news for 2009 is that the 16 years old girl Ma Ni Lar Kyaw from Delta Zibyigone was at a short holiday home after the first Chemo Treatments and after returning now back to Yangon Hospital her conditions are good recovering so that the professor called us in Ngapali telling us that the chances for a success for her are very good. ( a 2 years program ).

Ngapali Beach is full of people which come to Laguna Lodge and want to see the small boy Giacomo with the long Hairs - known to them from the SAT 1 TV broadcasting in December 08.

 Wishing you all a good 2009 , all reports are coming soon over also from before Christmas where we got into a time trap, as well the MCA Christmas activities at EDEN Handicapped Children Center when during our absence lead by Daw Thuzar Myint - MCA Nutritionist & She Yin Mar organic Myanmar Coffee. All communication will be done again from today on and many of your mails and requests will be answered today.

Another last point of good success in Myanmar,- many INGO statements are:"... here in Myanmar with the Nargis Cyclone Aid and Relief efforts, many many mistakes from Tsunami were not done again and through a better cooperation all over much more success direct was achieved than at the time of Tsunami in Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka etc........." This is a very interesting statement and a good view for future International Cooperations on such disasters,- hope very much at same time that the next one will not come so soon again, where ever.

Best concentration and attention is now and still needs to be much more on the good water supply at the Delta Region as through Nargis most " Water Supply Boats " were destroid and not back into service, here a great joint effort started and need to be supported much more until June 2009 when the Monsoon comes back.

As for us we are busy for the next weeks with the Milupa / LOG Germany Cild feeding program to over 3300 children at the delta daily,- as well at least three bigger Aid Projects are in the making through MCA and with EU Partners for the coming weeks.

With best RGDS and many thanks to all of you for the great support in 2008 to the Myanmar people, yours Oliver E Soe Thet President Myanmar Chefs Association WACS Member, Yangon 5.1.09 Union of Myanmar


All info & pictures: and Ruedis:

With a very big thank you to all suporter, any support is a big help to the victims.

Oliver Esser Soe Thet,
President Myanmar Chefs Association
Member of WACS,
Yangon, Union of Myanmar 23.8.08

"Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen" hilft - Herbst 2008

- 326.250 kg Reis  nur durch uns B1 reicher – halb geschälter Reis

- 336 traditionelle Häuser gebaut – Projekt geht weiter.

- 12 Schulstudenten das volle laufende Schuljahr finanziert – Projekt geht weiter

- 1.200 Schulbuecher verteilt

- 1.040 kg Kochsalz

- 1.080 vegetarische Mahlzeiten gekocht

- 500 kg Kleider fuer Delta Menschen

- 300 Ltr Chlorine 3 % fuer Wasser aufbereitung

- 200 schwangere oder stillende Frauen mit zusatz B1 Vitaminen versorgt

Mr. Mittermeier from German Government coordinates with Oliver.

Next trip will be on 30.7.08, with a B1 expert from UN - UNICEF and MCA, while distribute next 500 bags of rice to 2000 families and follow up B1 boost for pregnant women.

Also continue checks on Mr. Sukis sponsored 50 Traditional Housing projects which are in process to be finished
next 1 or 2 weeks at Zibyigone, Mya Gone, Mya Khan Thar Village .

Please give us a call as usual who will follow again on the next MCA Delta trip, in order to arrange cars and boats

Best culinary RGDS, yours

Oliver E Soe Thet
MCA / WACS, Yangon 23.7.08
Union of Myanmar

Update 13. Juli 2008 - Oliver E. Soe Thet

First active at border of Yangon Division & Ayeyarwaddy Division, and delivered until 9.7.08

  • Food distribution - over 165 tonnes of Rice to 22 villages in two weeks rations, 3450 full bags, 1040 kg cooking Salt, 1080 cooked vegetarian meals
  • Nutrition support we changed our purchased rice to be under milled – vitamin B1 rich, & monitor the reactions , results and challenges here for UNICEF 
  • Special Food, Hygiene, Clothing, med treatment for Nargis new born babies & mothers
  • Shelter - we built already 289 traditional houses new for Nargis Victims and 60 are under process at present,- more are planned depending on budgets  & 200 kg clothings
  • Health - Chlorine 3 % liquid for water treatment, distributing & coordinating at village head level
  • Distribution of Medical Drugs to village health stations, arrangements of German Drs to the Cyclone area where we are working in



In Progress - 31.05.08


Head of Family  02.06.08


Interview "Die Welt - 17.05.2008"

Der Deutsche Oliver Esser Soe Thet führt seit zwölf Jahren ein Hotel in Rangun. Mit der Hilfsorganisation "Myanmar Chefs Association" bringt er Hilfsgüter in die Krisenregion. Mit dem 46-Jährigen sprach Sören Kittel.

Die Welt: Wie geht es Ihnen?

Oliver Esser: Gut. Inzwischen hat fast ganz Rangun wieder Strom. Das hilft.

Die Welt: Sie waren in der am schlimmsten betroffenen Region im Irrawaddy-Delta. Was haben Sie gesehen?

Esser: Viele Menschen, die alles verloren haben. Aber sie sind nicht paralysiert und verzweifelt. Dafür haben sie das schon zu häufig erlebt. Außerdem habe ich jetzt nach einer Woche keine Leichen gesehen. Aber das kann auch daran liegen, dass die meisten Opfer vom Wasser mitgerissen wurden. Einige haben erzählt, dass sie drei Tage nach dem Sturm noch immer Hilferufe in der Nacht gehört haben.

Die Welt: Konnten Sie helfen?

Esser: Ja, wir haben über unsere Hilfsorganisation Myanmar Chefs Association (MCA) schon viele Güter ins Inland bringen können. Im Krisengebiet liegen derzeit alle paar Kilometer Plastiksäcke auf den Straßen. Die Dörfler können sich einfach holen, was sie brauchen.

Die Welt: Was brauchen sie jetzt besonders?

Esser: Wir sind gestern mit 300 Säcken hinausgefahren - da war vor allem Reis und Salz dabei sowie Chlorin, um das Wasser zu säubern, außerdem noch etwas Gemüse: Kartoffeln und Zwiebeln.

Die Welt: Werden Sie als Ausländer behindert beim Helfen?

Esser: Wir haben einen Vorteil: Die Leute kennen uns. Außerdem sprechen wir auch die Landessprache und kennen ihre Bedürfnisse.

Die Welt: Was tut die Militärjunta?

Esser: Die Regierung stellt große Materiallager zur Verfügung, und es wird akribisch notiert, was rausgeht und was reinkommt. Es gibt ein Netzwerk, das auch die am schlimmsten betroffenen Gebiete erreichen soll. Das System läuft, aber es braucht viel mehr Material.

Die Welt: Sieht man Soldaten in den Straßen?

Esser: Vor allem in den leichter zugänglichen Gegenden ist das Militär sehr präsent. Das ist natürlich auch medienwirksam. Allein in Rangun waren 10 000 bis 12 000 Soldaten unterwegs, nur um aufzuräumen. Nur im Hinterland kam wenig von diesem Engagement an.

Die Welt: Hat denn der Sturm das Potenzial, die Gesellschaft zu politisieren?

Esser: Die Politik sollte in den Hintergrund treten. Was die Menschen jetzt brauchen, ist Essen und Baumaterial. Außerdem muss der Reispreis dringend niedriger werden. Darauf hätte die Regierung Einfluss. Vor "Nargis" lag er bei rund zehn Dollar pro Sack. Jetzt ist er mehr als doppelt so hoch.

Die Welt: Gibt es Demonstrationen?

Esser: Viele haben befürchtet, dass das Chaos sich auch noch einmal auf die politische Stimmung im Land übertragen würde. Aber da war nichts, was die Armee befürchtet hatte. Die Stimmung ist gut.

Die Welt: Wie passt das zusammen?

Esser: Das liegt vielleicht an der Lebenseinstellung. Erst gestern habe ich eine Frau gesehen, die vor ihrem zerstörten Haus stand - und lachte. Viele Menschen sind Anhänger des Buddhismus. Auch jetzt denken sie sehr pragmatisch: Ich kann das nicht ändern, aber wenn ich jetzt mehr spende, dann werde ich es im nächsten Leben besser haben.

Die Welt: Wird der Sturm denn als Zeichen angesehen?

Esser: Birma ist ein sehr mythisches Land, und Wahrsager haben einen hohen Stellenwert. Erst im Februar hat meine Frau von einem von ihnen gehört, dass dieses Jahr im Mai viele Menschen sterben werden. Wörtlich hieß es: "Dann kommen wie zu Königszeiten die Weißen mit Schiffen die Flüsse hoch und nehmen die Unabhängigkeit des Landes." Wir haben damals dabei an das angekündigte Referendum gedacht, aber dass es so etwas gibt, daran hätte keiner gedacht.

Benefiz-Concert with the RWE Power Orchestra in Düren/Rhld, Germany, organized by the mayor of city Düren, Mr. Paul Larue (CDU), whom also takes the patronage of the Concert on 27. May 2008. We look forward about 700 people coming and donating for urgent help for Myanmar. The city of Düren will take part for the management and organisation costs, so that each € can be provided for myanmar help. Thanks to Mr. Paul Larue, city event manager Johannes Esser and to the great RWE POwer Orchestra (re 14.05.2008).


Gemeinschaft für den guten Zweck im rheinischen Düren; Benefiz-Konzert des RWE-Power Orchesters am 27. Mai 2008. V.l.n.r.: René Esser, Hans-Peter Mundt (Management Orchester), Mallu Heller (Verein `Hilfe für Entwicklungsländer´), Ralf Contzen (Musikal. Leiter Orchester), Paul Larue (Bürgermeister der Stadt Düren), Rolf Thiel (Catering Fischrestaurant Bremerhaven Düren).


Team of Myanmar Chefs Association with rice truck on 14.05.2008

Food on the run:

Neubeginn am 02. Mai 2008:

Cyclone Power in Yangon

Monk in Yangon hiding away from Cyclone Power

Yangon - Morning Time during Cyclone

Cyclone Power in Yangon


V.i.S.d.P. : R. Esser Stresemannstr. 31 10963 Berlin

We are taking care of around 20,000 people and more - we take care of 14.000 people rice & salt, another 5.000 people in 8 more villages which request us to put them on our delivery schedules