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 Oliver E. Soe Thet ist Präsident des in 1996 gegründeten Myanmar Köche Verbandes MCA, der wiederum mit dem Weltköcheverband WACS eng verbunden ist.


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 “Culinary Arts and Cultural performance are important key factors in a better and best relationship and understanding between people of different global countries, regions, ethnics, religious, or age.They are both at best to bring friendship at people to people level and we will promote more of such where ever possible....” Myanmar Ambassador to Bangladesh, H.E. U Min Lwin at the opening speech of the first ever Culinary & Culture show of Myanmar in Bangladesh 4.1. to 11.1.2012 in Dhaka.

After a two months preparation period, Myanmar Chefs Association, chefs went to Dhaka and Chittagong in Bangladesh. 3 Chefs and MCA Liaison Secretary followed the invitation of Myanmar – Bangladesh chamber of commerce, Myanmar Ambassador U Min Lwin and the top Hotels of Sonargoan in Dhaka and Agrabad in Chittagong to arrange a cook off, show case, culinary lecturers and train the trainer in Myanmar Traditional food for a wide Bangladesh and international audience as well the chefs and F&B staff of the Hotels involved.   - Myanmar Chefs Association -special projects February to April 2010-
Wir haben wieder etliche Deutsche Dr Teams in Myanmar und nach Myanmar kommen, ein neuer Kontainer 40 fuss mit Aid Goods ist auf dem Weg und im Delta sind wir weiter auf Aufbaukurs.

  • Dental Drs:

Februar bis März 2010 haben wir ein Deutsches Dental Team in Myanmar fuer Delta, Bago Division und Ngapali Beach Region

- Kostenlose Zahn Behandlung und Prevention Schulungen im Dental bereich

- Hier planen wir auch fuer die Zukunft mit dem Ministry of Health weitere projekte gerade in der education von prevention in caries etc.

  • Dr med Werner & Mallu Heller with Team

- Dr med Heller wird mit einem Physio Therapy Team nach Myanmar kommen und in Ngapali arbeiten, -  Myabin Dispensary sowie Projekte mit den beiden Physio-Therapisten  vor Ort.

- Hierzu hatte wir mir Daw Lilian Gyi geplant das sie einige Ihrer Phyiso Therapisten nach Ngapali in unser Vocational Trainings center " Solar Workshop ", Linthar Village schickt fuer ein Austausch und Trainings Seminar in Physio Therapie.

  • Delta Recovery: 83 Fischer Boote 22.2.2010

Diese unsere Action hat nun ueber 360 Fischer Boote zusammen gebracht
( Birma Braucht Uns & Action Myanmar e.V. und andere )

- Mit unseren Schweizern, Muencher & Duesseldorfer Partnern haben wir fuer Ende Februar wieder im Delta eine Fischer Boots Donation organisiert

- In Kayin Kyaung und in Dedaye, 21 fuss See tuechtige Boote aus Hartholz

- 1 Boot ist in uebergroesse mit Motor und wird dem Kayin Kyaung Delta Hospital zur verfuegung gestellt fuer Patienten besuche und transfers im Delta.

- Mit den Partnern hier warden neue Projekte im Community Bereich geplant.

  • Dr Heinz Schoeneich - Interplast Muenchen

- Wird  wieder in Myanmar sein und diesmal mit seinem Plastic Surgery Team in Lashio operieren.

  • 40 Fuss Container auf dem Weg: Ca 25.2.2010

LOG - Germany hat wieder arrangiert.

- Ein weiterer 40 fuss Kontainer mit high nutrition Lebensmittel und Medizinischen Medikamenten sowie hochwertige Medical Geraete

  • Delta Village Klinik und Kommunity Zentrum, Koyachin Village

- Hier erbauen wir, MCA / WACS, gerade fuer Action Myanmar eine Village Clinic & Community Center in der Bago Division - Koyachin Village.

- Am 15.3.2010 sollte nach nur 4 monaten Bau Phase - Stahl Beton, doppel stoeckig als Cyclone Shelter zu nutzen,- das Richtfest sein, zusammen mit Dr med Heller und Gruppe.

  • Deutsche Inner Ohr Specialisten nach Myanmar: 14.3. to 4.4.2010

- HNO-Team wird in Myanmar Inner Ohr operationen machen.

- Dies arrangieren wir ueber den Minister of Health Dr Kyaw Myint, dazu eine ENT orientierungs Reise durch Myanmar.

- Es ist auch an ein langfristiges Frueherkennungs system fuer neu geborene nach gehoehr schaeden gedacht wie beide dies sehr erfolgreich schon in Ecuador seit Jahren praktizieren.

- Beide Specialisten werden auch einige Vortraege in diesem Feld  halten und die Praesentationen den Myanmar Universities zur Verfuegung stellen.

- Herr Frank Frank von LOG Germany wird fuer weitere projekte im Maerz wieder nach Myanmar kommen, speciell fuer das Delta.

- Mit Ihm und LOG arrangieren wir auch den kommenden Kontainer, was dann der 11. Aid Kontainer in 1,5 Jahren nach Myanmar ist. Gesamt Wert ca 6 millionen $ US.

Laufende Projekte - MCA / WACS 2010

  • MCA Micro Credits

Des weiteren arbeiten wir an den laufenden 430 Micro Krediten, die wir ueber WACS und unsere Schweizer Freude im Delta aufgelegt haben seit Oktober 2008 .

  • Fair Trade Initiative

Hier entwickelt sich eine zusammen arbeit mit Delta Farmern aber auch wohl Landesweit fuer eine art " Fair Trade :,-- hier arbeiten wir an einem Konzept mit einem sehr grossen Tourismus Operator um das project auch anhaltend in der Tourism Industry zu verankern.

  • " Chefs Without Borders " WACS

Auf dem 34th WACS Congress in Chile wurde ich als Chairman mit der Aufgabe beauftragt,- an der erstehung von " Chefs Without Borders " zu arbeiten, als Resultat der Katastrophen in der Vergangeheit und dem Hintergrund das Chefs - Koeche in aller Welt immer gleich zur Stelle sein koennen in: Logistic, Hygiene, Ernaehrungs Experten, Warenhaltung etc etc.WACS hier mit nun 92 Mitglieder Laendern und ueber 10 millionen Mitgliedern kann eine wichtige Rolle spielen in solchen situationen.

  •   Community Work

Deutsche oder Singapore Studenten - Schul Austausch mit Studenten in Myanmar ( erst einseitig ), Projekte in und fuer die Kommunity zu machen. Ist in Planung.

So, here we go...

Oliver Esser Soe Thet, Yangon, 12.2.2010, Union of Myanmar


Education about planting `Zucchini´in Irrawaddy Delta -

- Boat Donation in October 2009, Irrawaddy Delta Myanmar -

Report on MCA - June / July Report 24-08-2009

•Chefs on the annual move, "Ins & Outs "
•MCA education programmes ( Prof. Buga back in Town )
•Further Donations MCA ( Students’ support & Adidas )
•US$1.5 million for MCA/WACS - humanitarian aid on the way
•International Chefs Day 2009 - MCA, Union of Myanmar
•Australian Food promotion ( Australian Chef at Yangon )
•Healthy Food & Food saving ( Vitamin B1 & Fluoridated Salt )
•MCA Environmental involvement ( a long time issue for MCA )
•1. Myanmar Food Show ( MCA as guest a future opportunity )

Chefs on the move:

•Chef and long time MCA member Werner Junker of Sedona Hotel Yangon left with his family to Germany, ready for a new job assignment in Asia for the new season.

•Chef Yves of Savoy Hotel Yangon left for the Maldives islands near to our friends of Sri Lanka and Male.

•MCA vice president, Andreas Vogt, is on the move from the ancient city of Bagan to Ngapali Beach Aureum Resort & Spa. But first he will be in Kenya as Chief Judge for a local food competition in August.

•Chef U Tin of Rooftop Restaurant opened his Food Catering service in the USA •Sandy’s Myanmar Cuisine Fine Dining also opened a second outlet in the USA New Chefs in Town

•Chef Rudolf Kitzberger joined the Sedona Yangon, from the Philippines. We visited him on his first duty for brunch and were impressed by the many new flavors and good choice on real house made terrines, marinated fish and a great selection of sweets – here, a real Austrian chef is at work.

•Chef Marcel Hildebrandt from Germany to the Savoy Hotel, his first assignment in Asia.

•Chef Tin Thai Yii arrived from Malaysia as new Executive Chef of Traders Yangon

•The 1901 colonial built The Strand Hotel in Yangon will have its new Chef coming in by October.

•Chef Thaing Kyaw came back to Myanmar from another Mid East assignment and joins the new Chefs Training Center in Yangon, a new vocational training centre where MCA provides its members an overview on all standards and the final examinations.

MCA Education:

The current low season is the best time for training and further education for young staff in our industry, traditionally also a time for MCA to drive its free training programmes. USA Professor Victor Buga back in Myanmar •On the invitation of MCA, Professor Victor Buga arrived in Myanmar on 12th July 2009 for an 8-week special language programme at the ancient city of Bagan. Chefs, Service and Front Office have brought a change to get free Spanish as well English language lesson for The "Gawdawpolin Education Project ".

Prof. Buga, a language teacher in LA, California has since 2005 answered the invitations of Myanmar Chefs Association for special language classes in Myanmar s hospitality Industry. He teaches on volunteer basis and always covers his travel expenses by himself. The programme this year was conducted and sponsored by Aureum Hotel & SPA in New Bagan. MCA has been running the programme since 2000 similarly for the French and German languages also held at Ngapali Beach. Professor Buga started in 2008 as well this year a successful aid cash and education material collection among his students who are mainly migrants in the US. An outstanding amount of money and support came from the people in LA, which in a way also lost their " Home " as in the Myanmar Delta. Electrolux Professional Service Asia in Myanmar •Electrolux Asia conducted a very informative seminar for many Yangon chefs which was very well received and attended by many Myanmar chefs. New Culinary Training Center in Yangon Come as Volunteer Chefs trainer & Beach Holiday.

•This month, a new private culinary training centre opened in Yangon. The owner asked the MCA to assist with Trainer Chefs, curriculum, to overlook the training as well as assist with the final exams. This is a good chance for MCA to support good training standard and clear line concerning an International Standard which is equivalent to the WACS standard. Certain issues such as budget and time available of students might need some adjustments, but we see it as a big chance to improve is at present by many such training companies which are more looking for a quick fix - commission of foreign labour programmes rather than good training for chefs. We received good support for this from different WACS people in charge for education - thank you very much for this. Our Goal is to reach WACS standard and use it as a standard for Chefs training in Myanmar. MCA senior member Chef Thaing Kyaw as well as MCA Secretary and Liaison Officer U Than Lwin ( ret. Ministry of Hotels & Tourism ) are already active involved.

•Well-known Chef Michele Meca and F&B Mr. Jack are also in the final stage of preparations to launch a new focus on International Cooking Standards Chefs and Service Education equipped with restaurant and hospitality facilities in 2010. We are happy to support both and we would like to highlight our thanks here to John Clancy, John Sloan and Marco Bruschweiler of WACS for their technical assistance to have a WACS standard in place right from the beginning - which is the only solution to raise the standards in Myanmar and for young people to understand more about the profession. We would like to invite Chefs from the region to join in as Volunteer Trainers. Housing, meals and water are provided. A beach holiday at the end of the 3 to 4 weeks training can be arranged on same conditions by MCA. For further detail, please contact us.

Further Donations MCA

Young Life Fish Donation:

•This month saw the first donations of 10,000 young life fish into the Delta Rivers to support the fishermen’s families who have been affected when Cyclone Nargis struck the area last year. For only US$65, one can donate life to 1000 young fish - from 3000 fish onwards we celebrate Your Own Donation with full record and mention of your name, kitchen crew, family event, association or company with logo. Contact

School Donations:

Through several supporters, we were able to donate school books, pencils as well a whole annual school fee and other costs to more than 110 delta students.

Thanks to sports wear giant "Adidas", we were once again able to make 230 girls at the " Malikha " orphanage happy with Adidas sport shoes and dresses. New Aid Containers are rolling to Myanmar.

International Help throuh MCA / WACS in Myanmar:

Four more 40-foot containers with highly nutritious food as well medical drugs will arrive for MCA/WACS - humanitarian aid program by middle of September worth of more than US$1.5 million through LOG - Germany and Action Myanmar e.V. Europe. International Chefs Day 2009 - MCA •As this aid shipment has over 30 tons of Child high nutritious food, MCA within WACS will have a lot to share for people who are not so privileged, more than enough for a good day’s meal for 150,000 people.

Thanks to the restless team of LOG, "Wing of Help " - Germany . •70 more – 21-foot fishing boat donated are already in for a handover at Delta villages on 6.10.09. Over 15,000 life fish as well, to support the Delta recovery. MCA with Aciton Myanmar e.V., MHW and LOG - Germany. •February 2010 will see another fishing boat to delta families handover by MCA and MHW - "Birma Braucht Uns" initiative.

Australian Mulwarra & Food promotion in Myanmar:

•Sponsored by Mulwarra Meat from Australia and Traders Hotel, special feature on Beef, Lamb and Australian cuisine were celebrated for the past weeks in Yangon, a sure best opportunity for all Chefs there to get hands on with best quality meat as well the fine cuisine from Australia by Chef - Colin Swalwell. Accompanied by best Australian wines.

Healthy Food & Food saving

Vitamin B1 rich rice now in Myanmar Supermarkets:

•MCA started a special promotion and education on healthy and food resources saving through the introduction of vitamin B1 rich under milled and parboiled Myanmar rice. First in contact with the subject through UNICEF, MCA had from July 2008 only B1 rich rice distributed to over 36,000 people at 26 Delta villages after Cyclone Nargis struck.

In its next approach, MCA contacted supermarket chains such as City Mart and within two weeks they took the B1 rich rice into the shelves of all their outlets in Yangon and Mandalay. Under milled rice which contains also much fiber, is good for curbing diabetes and digestion. Due to the fact that up to 25 % more of the rice corn is used for health reasons, it can really play a major role world wide to tackle "Food Security or Food Shortage ". Everyone here knows the expression "White Hunger ".

•Malaysia - Penang WACS event opened our eyes This approach is already a great success, nevertheless we need to get more into schools, companies, canteens, food competitions to have them changing to a more healthy B1 rich rice, a target which is not easy - over generations people in Asia are adopted to " As more white as better the Quality ". We got inspired at the: "Battle of the Chefs" in Penang where we saw that Malaysia and Malaysians are already much further in success which give us good hope. Fluoridation of cooking salt and drinking water.

•On another approach the MCA introduced the fluoridation of PH7 drinking water as well cooking salt. Also here we are using as approach the " healthy " issue, prevent and reduce dental caries, in a country where the daily diet specially for children is rapidly changing - to more sweet and sugar.

Here we are still at the beginning,- together with the through MCA over the past 2 years to Myanmar organised Dental Dr Teams ( Dr Julia, Dr Axel Fruehbuss & Dr med. Siegrun Dieburg) for free treatment and dental supportive nutritional education to mothers and school teacher in villages all over Myanmar. For their next assignment to Myanmar, special paper reading for public health staff, companies concerned and village leader is in planning for early 2010. Fluoridated toothpaste is a runner already, imported so the market is there. The combination of healthy product and making money is in our eyes the way to success.

MCA Environmental involvement: 

Through our aid assistance at the Delta and here the MCA Micro Credit through the support of our Swiss friends, Toni & Lotti, we had taken care already much that people with an idea of "Organic Farming" got good chances with the micro credits. To have good grown organic as well create direct sales contacts from Farmer to Chef, Restaurants & Hotels in Yangon. So a much better food result for the chefs at lower rate, and still a better profit for the farmer are ensured. The chefs can easy write the menus up to the seasonal offer by the delta farmers.

We ask the farmers to provide MCA with a 6 month "Harvest Forecast" - to be better able to assist on direct sales side,- ensure good earnings.

•Through another German INGO - MCA will start a Solar Lamp Project in the delta villages where we are working since 5th May 2008. Not only to ensure a better environment there,- but also to give the people there an independence from daily candles, gasoline or battery loading costs. The lamp is imported and sold as cost price - can also be purchased as a loan project,- so that a family just pays a month or week what they pay now for candles etc,- after less than a year they are cost free, the Solar lamps have a three years warranty. Not to destruct the business of the one in a village who earns money and a living today from battery loading - he will be our MCA partner and gets a share on the sales rate.

•MCA has been a very active supporter of Myanmar Environmental protective measures for many years, specially in the protection of endangered species, - joint this month the Hotel Association, Marketing Committee and Travel Agent Association of Myanmar in a One of its kind for Myanmar " Responsible Tourism " and "Community based Tourism " 2 days seminar by German Environmental expert Mrs. Nicole Haeusler of MAS/CONTOUR.

We will continue these programs and joined a core group for "Clean Hospitality Industry " in Myanmar. A projects which will lead us through many years and will have in many different aspects good benefits to MCA, specially through the close cooperation with all other associations Myanmar Food Show (MCA as guest a future opportunity).

•Thefirst Food Show ever was held and organised by the Myanmar chamber of commerce and Myanmar foodstuff industries. We were there as observers this year. We had many good contacts with the Myanmar food producing industry, many opportunities here to work closer together in the future as well be part of the event in 2010 for the 2nd Myanmar Food Show in Yangon.

•We like to invite already now teams and companies from the Asian region to join in for 2010 and present your products and skills to a wide Myanmar "Hospitality" interested audience. MCA at Minister meeting for development through Cuisine.

•On the invitation of the Minister of Hotels & Tourism, MCA will have a paper reading for a joint Minister meeting on 17.8.09 in Nay Pyi Taw on the subject of "Tourism Development through Food & Cuisine".

•This is an excellent opportunity to highlight the importance to train more Myanmar Chefs, give assistance and join international culinary events through direct involvement and arrangements by the Myanmar Tourism Industry at all. With the aim of quality standards raise and a wider marketing on Cuisine of Myanmar and also to achieve much higher standards on international and popular cuisine - to cater for a wide range of tourists and visitors to Myanmar.

•Establish more awareness and kick start initiatives by key player of the industry to become much more active in development and education to chefs and upgrade cuisine at all in Myanmar on their on interest and for their future benefit through more media coverage and higher tourism arrivals.

With best culinary regards,

Oliver E.Soe Thet, President Myanmar Chefs Association (MCA), Member of WACS,

 Yangon, 8.8.09, Union of Myanmar