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In 2010:

With MCA/WACS & "Hilfe für Entwicklungsländer e.V." to Cyclone Shelter - we are planning and realizing the Clinic & Community Center in  Myanmar Delta ...

A long time dream of myself came true this week, when MCA members at the Bago part of the Delta could start the ground breaking of " Cyclone Shelter - Village Clinic and Community Center ".

Bago Delta at the south - east of the Irrawaddy Delta, Koyachin Village, a village which gets flooded each year at monsoon season and dries up during the winter months, the villagers use this for a special method of cooking salt out of the soil ( see a former story on Myanmar Delta " The White Gold " from MCA at the WACS website ) and having two beans and purls as well one rice harvest.

People are used to water, it is part of their seasonal life,- through our Bago member MCA Thet Naing we came along this village already in March 09, when we just received first funds for a Village Clinic combined Community Center.

Community Center to ensure that the whole village uses and keeps the building in shape after hand over. Cyclone Shelter as my demand, to ensure a certain safety for elder people and children in case a bigger Cyclone would arrive again to Myanmar in the future.

Village clinic, to have an emergency nurse ( near the status of a Dr ), also as midwife can take care all first aid issues as well it can be a base for Myanmar and Foreign Dr teams in the future to do fieldwork in a wider rage: Projects as Public health issues and education, dental, general treatment, water hygiene & sanitation, ( even for any vocational training the upper room can be used, as the Nurse will have an extra house ) - as well through the contacts made ensure a wider range on medicine to treat minor and first aid issues, also small ambulant operations. Decide at the spot if a patient can stay at the village or should be moved to the Bago Divisional General Hospital.


The Building will cost an estimate 36.000 $ US in RC structure, 30 % of the cost MCA received in March 2009 from Dr med Werner & Mallu Hellers - Action Myanmar e.V. - Germany, another 15 % MCA received now from both, when Dr med Werner & Mallu with Eva & Anna attended the ground breaking on 24.10.09 at Koyachin Village. So 45 % of funds are in by now.

The rest of funds we are confident to get together through the first steps, and positive progress of the project. As the most important is a vision, an idea and the strong believing in it. The rest comes by it self.

The construction period should be between 4 to 5 month s, where we need to wait with the ground work until mid November the now water level to retreat and dry up. Through our wider medical based net work in and outside of Myanmar we will than also take care of the inner settings and first stock of medical items needed.

In general this Village Clinic will after fully established be 100% handed over to the Village community and trusties, any further costs will be the full responsibility of the village community, apart from special projects which might come up.

As MCA had already in November 2008 an offer from an other German NGO we had two other sides for Delta Clinics, here the NGO from Saarbruecken later did not response anymore without any reason just quiet and we started so later.

We finally had chosen the Koyachin Village site due to the " good character of its community members " and a high degree of trust with a good portion of believing that these Delta Farmers & Fisher families are able to manage the institution in a very much sustainable way.

Sri Tours - Belgium, an European Tour operator for Sri Lanka and Myanmar, donated as a first set up a professional emergency First Aid back pack to Koyachin Village, - also later to use for the Nurse for field trips into the further Delta area there as well home visits.

Apart from myself this whole region had never seen a white man over the past 65 years in their village,- Dr med Werner & Mallu Heller s group were even on Humanitarian Aid tour the first foreign visitors to the region, - not even 3 hours away from Yangon City.

A real Tourism Treasure: It is a most beautiful hidden Tourism Site, a place and a 1 hours long tail boat ride through a total remote delta region for nature lovers and bird watchers,- over 12 special bird species we noticed, big herds of water buffalo crossed the rivers and small channels, tens of thousands of ducks ( this part of the Delta the source for all Culinary Scene Ducklings of Myanmar ).

Floating through villages as the river is the highway, villages which did not change over decades, with the there so special way of fishing by big " Sink Nets ",- but only this time of the year, in a view month s it is again the " White Gold s Mining Place ",- when the fishermen / farmer cooking the salty soil and extract the white salt which remains every year from the flooding,- a good extra 600 $ US income to a farmers family.

But now a place where the boat is the life line of the people at all, at the beginning or ends of the villages small gates are there collecting the " City Tax " as in old times in Europe,- smallest Bamboo Huts have TV antennas a sign that people are well connected with the outside world, an experience which we also learnt after Nargis in many delta areas, that farmer or fishermen told us they knew about the cyclone Nargis coming but no one ever could imagination that it would have been so strong, so long and never this amount of two big water waves - the main cause of so many people missing. This is really a region worth wile to visit as individual traveler or small groups, a way of live which is long time gone in our regions already.

"... Myanmar,- a journey to the past,- in many ways, at most places, Myanmar - The Ancient Place in Asia... "

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Best Culinary regards and thanks to all supporters of the past and future, yours

Oliver E Soe Thet
President Myanmar Chefs Association
WACS member, Yangon 2.11.09
Union of Myanmar

In 2009: Dear Friends of Myanmar,

Myanmar Chefs Association recieved the next 40 foot container with Aid to Myanmar, mainly Child Food again, as well many toys, brand new child sports wear and sleeping bags right infront of Christmas a good time to hand out again.

From Tomorrow on the MCA Milk Bars for children under 5 years will start again at the Delta in all Villages at, Twante, - Kyailat and Pyapon Townships with this 3000 boxes full load from Milupa Germany & LOG. Milupa Milk a Certified and Official Tested Foof Product by the FDA ( Food & Drug Agency ) Department and Ministry of Health,- Heathy Child Food. German Milk = Healthy Food.

In addition arrived very much useful Hospital Equipment for new Hospitals at Delta, after the Nargis Cyclone. Many Boxes with Toys and Outdoor Equipments as well Child Sleeping Bags were also donated by LOG Germany a great timing with a sense of Christmas.

Thank you LOG Germany Team, Thank you Mr Franke and Mrs Marie Luise for all the equiries and additional work to support the people of Myanmar through Myanmar Chefs Association.

So far Myanmar Chefs Association was able through all the great partners and individuals to raise in cash and kind over 3,3 Million $ US. We could deliver over 7200 full bags of rich B1 Vitamin Rice nearly 400.000 kg of rice, could establish over 450 new traditional houses and were able to install with our Swiss Friends Toni and Lotti Steiner over 230 Micro Credits to families which lost their base of earning money, between 50 $ US and 800 $ US according to the project were given out.

German Premier League Foot Ball club Eintracht Frankfurt donated Fishing Boats and Nerts were given to Fishermen to ensure their own income again.

Many more is needed here, over 2000 fishermen need Boats to start their job again.

53 new Boxes of good clothing arrives again to Myanmar carried FOC by Silk and Singapore Airlines arrange by Mrs Agnes James of Singapore Airline Germany. Housing Projects are ready at Paik Swe Village thanks to Mr Monching of Sampoerna Company.

Big Shipping agents as AP Moller Singapore as well the Wallem Group and Mr Jacob,- gave a great support for Rice, Food Basket and Housing to hundreds of people in the Delta over the past weeks - projects still ongoing for Education support to Delta Students.

Europe Tour Operator as Abrahams Reisen, Christine Landolt, Mr Franks Parents, Mr Hans, Mallu & Dr med Werner Heller all ensured again with good financial support that the targettet Rice delivery could and can be continued until now. We are off to Delta with rich B1 Vitamin Rice again on 4.12. to 7.12.08.

German Documentary on the Delta Today
Last not least we were able through the generous support and all free permits by the Myanmar Government to shoot a Movie on the situation at the Delta from the eyes of two young orphans ( Timeline TV as our big partner ). With total freedome of where and what we shot at the Delta we are very happy that Timeline TV produced this very unique project for an all over European TV audience from 17.12. / 21.12. / 27.12.08 and 10.1.09 as full movie at ARD/ZDF KIKA channel
16:25 pm and 13:00 pm. The movie went along with a second production on the Myanmar famous and by the Cyclone in no way effected Destinations of prestine Ngapali Beach, Ancient Tempels of Bagan, Yangon and Myanmar people at their life.

With many thanks to LOG Germany as well Milupa and the big un named Donor again from Myanmar and its people.

Oliver E Soe Thet
MCA / WACS, Yangon 3.12.08
Union of Myanmar