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zur Zeit stellen wir die Webseite von LagunaLodge unserer und der ehrenamtlichen Hilfe vieler guter Freunde in Myanmar und den notleidenden Menschen im Nargis-Katastrophengebiet im Delta des Irrawaddy, Myanmar zur Verfügung. Buchungen für die LagunaLodge nehmen wir gerne unter den Email-Adressen + vor.

To get contact about our Laguna Lodge, Ngapali-Beach, Myanmar, please take the email-contact or  . So, René or Oliver in Germany or Myanmar can give you Updates about booking of flights, sightseeing tours in Myanmar; Yangon, Bagan, Inle-Lake, Ngapali-Beach or other fantastic places and routes. In full service, we work together with Ludewig Reisen, Düsseldorf, our friend Reiner Ludewig.

Below: - Einführung Oliver E. Soe Thet, Yangon, Deutsch 10.05.08

- Statement `Hilfe für Entwicklungsländer e.V.´, English

Statement Oliver E. Soe Thet, Yangon, 10.05.08

Wir sind seit 1995 in Myanmar vor Ort; immer eigenständig, partnerschaftlich und gerade deswegen mit sehr guten Kontakten und Möglichkeiten  im Lande." Myanmar ist landwirtschaftlich ein reiches Land. Die Frage nach den Transporten und einer Verteilung 1 : 1 stellt sich am Meisten.
Spenden, die direkt nach Myanmar überwiesen werden, kommen dort nicht an, solange die von den USA eingefrorenen Konten nicht aufgemacht werden, da Geldtransfers durch einen Beschluß über die USA laufen. In Europa kann geholfen werden mit Newslettern, Spendenaufrufen in Behörden, Hotels und Wirtschaftsbetrieben. Und direkt auf das Spendenkonto des Vereines `Hilfe für Entwicklungsländer e.V.´, Dr. Heller, Düsseldorf.
Happy with rice for two weeks
Three school classes - education begins
Statement `Hilfe für Entwicklungsländere.V. action myanmar´
Dear friends,
At last since the 3rd of May, 2008, everybody knows Myanmar and their people that we embrace with our love. The news are piling up, but you have to see that all information is filtered! We can’t even imagine how cruel the situation is there for the people. All our friends and contacts have survived.
But we are around only in the regions that are in reach for tourists. There, the infrastructure is more or less intact and people are going to repair their badly damaged houses. We have been informed by our friend Oliver already on 30th of April, 2008, about the approaching cyclone, who got the information from the Ministry of Tourism. So the danger was known in advance.
In the Irrawaddy Delta most people are rice farmers who live in simple huts; they just have a few cows, geese and chicken and deliver rice for the whole of Myanmar. Now, the harvest is gone, and the prices are rising up. As President of the Myanmar Chefs Association, Oliver sent as an urgent quest for donations. He wants to setup mobile kitchens on the country to feed the people and asks for tablets for water cleaning. As he lives in Rangoon, he has intimate knowledge about the country, and he enjoys our trust.
The big help organizations have more money, but they also have more problems to really do effective work, and not all is transparent there. We fight for every euro we got that the money is really used. That’s why we want to collect money for the population of Myanmar. Donators get of course a donation certificate. Thanks.
Düsseldorf, 8th of May, 2008. Dr. Werner Heller